About My Company

James Leigh is an independent Software Consultant based in Toronto. James is a co-creator of Callimachus and is involved in other public semantic Web projects, such as the PURL server and Sesame store. James has been building web applications for ten years with emphasis on performance and technology integration. His experience modelling business problems and concepts in software has enabled his clients to rapidly move from concepts to prototypes to production systems.

James has also lead Semantic related Open Source Software projects, including Sesame's federated RDF store, relation RDF store, server client library for Sesame, integration of Mulgara and Sesame, and RDF resource object mapper: OpenRDF Elmo. He has also lead optimization efforts for various Java applications for over five years, including benchmarking and optimizing Sesame's RDF Stores, AMC theatres' employee scheduling system, and manufacturing tracking system for swimwear designers Christina and Gottex.

Our offices are located in Toronto, Ontario. However, our clients are all over the world. If you have any questions please feel free to pickup the phone and call 416-410-5150 or send an email to the address below.


“James Leigh is an exceptional and highly capable software designer and engineer. I've worked with James over the past several years on a number of complex semantic web projects. James has the maturity, depth of technical understanding especially around the topic of RDF, to extract the implicit requirements and articulate them in both written and verbal form. He can take a loose specification and tightly define the specific components, accurately determine the level of effort and work to meet the deliverables on time, consistently. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with James and hope to do so again in the future on many more interesting semantic web projects. He is a true professional in every sense of the word.” - Bernadette Hyland, CEO, Zepheira LLC

“Loved to work with James. He has great knowledge and lots of experience on Sesame and semantic technologies in general. Professional!” - Jeroen Wester, CTO, Aduna

“We've hired James for a bit more than a year to support us in the development of the Sesame semantic web platform. He got up to speed with the existing work very quickly and has been very productive, cooperative and efficient ever since. His contributions to the project have been (and still are) very valuable.” - Arjohn Kampman, Aduna

“There is no way that James can be described within three little attributes. All of the recommendation attributes apply. James is personable, on time, has high integrity and demonstrates superior creativity. He is a pleasure to work with and brings tremendous skill, knowledge, business sense and technical competence to every engagement. Please don't hire him because I want to.” - David Wood, Zepheira

“Working with James I was most impressed by his professionalism and commitment to improving the project – not only from technical and design standpoints, but also with regards to development process and team building. James joined mid-way through, but was able to make an immediate positive contribution. He quickly ramped up on key technology, and worked on some the most challenging and critical problem areas. His design and modelling expertise, as well as breadth of relevant experience were valuable resource for the whole team.” - Biniam Bekele, Software Engineer, System Core, Inc.

“I worked closely with James on a year long project. His technical currency and the ability to apply it effortlessly were crucial in producing high fidelity prototypes that showcased new possibilities. James’ design skills and ability to work independently and reliably made him a great candidate for crucial pieces of work. James was able to deliver under pressure never sacrificing his dedication to work-life balance In addition, his relaxed interaction with people and willingness to help ensured he was a well accepted team member.” - Tihomir Bajic, Senior Java Developer, Workbrain