Software Consulting

Data is continually changing, new information is constantly unfolding, and user’s demands continue to grow. If you are looking to get more meaning from your data with web-scalability, give us a call.


Information is being shared and generated at an exponentially increasing rate, and the way we manage this information is changing.


Today's information is distributed: it exists everywhere, on every machine and on every device. This has dramatically influenced the way software is designed. Software should be oriented around the information that travels through it. The ability for software to properly model and scale to the information becomes critical to its success. Software must effectively receive, process, and share information for it to survive in today's demanding environments.


James Leigh Services Inc. designs software oriented around the domain concepts (or mental model) shared between the stakeholders. Business rules are incorporated into the model, capturing the requirements, automating business processes, and solving business problems. Interoperability and scalability is our primary concern when designing and developing the services, as information is only as valuable as it is easily and quickly accessible.